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Top Ten Summer Health and Fitness Tips!

Summer is fast approaching, so here is our top ten list for making this summer your fitness and healthiest yet!

1. Set a goal. It could be to run a 5k or to lose a stone. Then break your goal down into smaller chunks, such as a weekly training plan or a weekly weight loss target. Write your goals and targets down and put them somewhere you can see it everyday as a reminder to keep going.

2. Share your goal with friends and family, you could even go one step further a post your goal on Facebook. This will make you accountable for your actions and you are more likely to not give up.

3. Join a club or fitness class. There are loads of free or community based fitness clubs or classes in your town, where likeminded people to you are hanging out and getting fit. If you mingle with people that are trying to achieve the same goal as you then you instantly have a new support network and also make new friends and potential business acquaintances.

4. Plan your meals. You wouldn’t go on holiday without working out where you were going to stay, how to were going to get to your destination and what sort of currency you would need to take. Good nutrition planning is no different. Plan what you will eat for breakfast, lunch and tea, then work out what snacks you will have and bag them all up and take them to work with you. We love snacking on nuts which are easy to stick in a food bag and put in your top drawer of your desk. It will help you stay away from the vending machines when you get a sudden food craving.

5. Drink water, then some more, then some more! Your body is made up of 70% water so if you dehydrate the body it will not function correctly and you will begin to feel lethargic and run down. Take a 1 litre bottle of water to work with you and sip continuously throughout the day.

6. Get some fresh air. How many of you suffer from the 3pm energy slump? During your lunch break get outside for 20 minutes are fresh air and oxygen. Vitamin D from sunlight will help to alleviate the afternoon energy dip. Encourage someone from work to join you then you can catch up on the work gossip.

7.Ditch the energy vampires! If you are surrounded by negative people then they will eventually drain you of your energy and make you feel down, tired and negative yourself. Research has shown that you tend to take on the behaviours of the 5 people in your life that you spend most time with, therefore make sure those individuals are positive, ambitious, confident and happy people.

8. Try a new activity. Whether its hiking, biking or Zumba. Do something once a week that takes you out of your comfort zone and challenges your mind and your body. If you feel self conscious about trying new things alone then take a friend with you.

9. Take time to relax. In our busy lives there is very little time to actually relax and chill out, and watching the soaps does not count! Join a yoga or pilates group, lie on your bed and little to music, or read a book. Do something that you enjoy and is purely just about you.

10. Get plenty of sleep. Sleep is one of the most important aspects of a healthy body, without it the body cannot function correctly and you begin to feel run down. Don’t go to bed directly after watching TV, try to leave 30 minutes before switching the television off and going to bed as your brain is still processing the images and information it has just seen. Make sure your bedroom is dark and not too hot so that the body can completely relax.

Don’t try and do all of our top ten tips at once, implement them over a number of weeks and see a fresher, healthier and happier you!

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