Exploring Mental Health Resources: A Comprehensive Guide

Understanding Mental Health

Mental health is a crucial aspect of overall well-being, encompassing emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It affects how individuals think, feel, and act, and influences their ability to cope with stress, relate to others, and make choices.

The Importance of Mental Health Resources

Access to mental health resources is essential for maintaining and improving mental well-being. These resources provide support, guidance, and treatment for individuals experiencing mental health challenges.

Types of Mental Health Resources

There are various types of mental health resources available to individuals seeking support:

  • Therapy and Counseling: Professional therapists and counselors offer individual, group, and family therapy sessions to address mental health concerns.
  • Support Groups: Support groups bring together individuals facing similar mental health challenges to share experiences, offer mutual support, and provide encouragement.
  • Hotlines and Helplines: Hotlines and helplines provide immediate support and crisis intervention for individuals in distress.
  • Online Resources: Websites, forums, and online communities offer valuable information, resources, and peer support for individuals navigating mental health issues.
  • Mental Health Apps: Mobile applications provide tools, exercises, and resources for managing stress, anxiety, depression, and other mental health concerns.
  • Self-Help Books and Resources: Books, articles, podcasts, and other self-help resources offer guidance and strategies for improving mental health and well-being.
  • Community Resources: Local community organizations, religious institutions, and mental health centers often offer mental health services, support groups, and educational programs.

How to Access Mental Health Resources

Accessing mental health resources is a proactive step toward prioritizing mental well-being. Individuals can access these resources through various channels:

  • Seeking Referrals: Primary care physicians, mental health professionals, and community organizations can provide referrals to appropriate mental health resources.
  • Researching Online: Online directories, databases, and search engines can help individuals locate mental health resources in their area.
  • Utilizing Hotlines and Helplines: Individuals in crisis or need of immediate support can call mental health hotlines and helplines for assistance.
  • Exploring Community Resources: Local community centers, libraries, and religious institutions often offer mental health services and support groups.
  • Downloading Mental Health Apps: Mobile app stores provide a variety of mental health apps for download, catering to different needs and preferences.


Accessing mental health resources is a proactive and empowering step toward prioritizing mental well-being. Whether seeking therapy, joining a support group, or utilizing online tools, individuals have a range of resources available to support their mental health journey.

Why Choose Marvel Wall Mount LCD Display

Today we’d like to introduce marvel hot sale products- wall mount lcd display. Currently people may can find advertisement lcd display everywhere, but do you know how to define lcd wall mount advertising display? The wall-mounted advertising player is a brand-new media concept. It refers to the public places where large shopping malls, supermarkets, hotel lobbies, restaurants, cinemas and others converge, through large-screen terminal display devices, to publish multimedia for business, financial and entertainment information Professional audio-visual system.
Marvel lcd wall mount main functional characteristics: stylish and generous 1. Integrated panel design, Beautiful and generous appearance design, ultra thin design, 20 mm to 40 mm thickness, aluminum profile frame.

2.high brightness industrial-grade LCD screen. Tempered glass surface, Anti-drop Explosion-proof.

3.Low power consumption, long time stable operation. wide viewing angle, view angle up and down up to 178°, showing no dead angle, 100% visual experience

4.supports 7*24 hours operation, allowing you to manage more easily. Support full HD 1920*1080P video playback and flash animation playback, compatible with mainstream video formats. 5.Can be interactive touch screen, support 10 points, 20 points touch at same time. 6.can be multiple split the screen freely; video, picture, and text are played synchronously; the machine is switched on and off regularly; and the real-time broadcast is inserted. 7.Plug and apply, you can choose the Media player version(no network) or the Network version according to user needs, can be Android/Windows operating system, multiple choose available. 8.Network update playlist, multiple terminal devices can be networked, controlled by a central server, easy to control within 500 units at same time with CMS software. 9.The appearance and function extension can be customized according to customer needs. 19 inch to 98 inch wall mounted size, Multiple choose. 10.Most cost-effective wall mount lcd display among the market, Realize value-added operations through advertising and information release. 11. Online support service and training, supply 24 hours service. 12.Most expensive is not always most good, marvel sales team will recommend most suitable solutions according to your project requirements, it will be best lcd wall mount monitor.

Besides that main advantage, marvel lcd wall mount can supply one year warranty for free, included the new parts replace shipping cost.

Why choose marvel wall mounted lcd not traditional advertising TV First: Marvel LCD advertising wall mount lcd display is supported by strong Content management system, which can control the broadcast content through the network for long distances, freely distinguish the broadcast area, and can display video, image, text, time, weather forecast and other content together, as long as the network connection is established , No personnel need to go to the site to operate, you can go through the client to handle the software, complete the long-distance control of the advertising machine without leaving home, and upload, download, delete and other operations on the storage device. Other management software also has some humanized functions such as log and data management, which greatly improves security and reliability. Second: Product positioning (stability). When TVs are produced, they are positioned according to consumer goods, and advertising wall mounted display are not just for our entertainment family consumer goods. The classification on the b2b business website is advertising devices, which reflects the professionalism of LCD advertising display. Different. The components used in the advertising player are far superior to the TV in terms of performance and safety; Third: Service life: Because the positioning of the TV and the advertising player are different, the TV cannot be turned on continuously for 24 hours, and the advertising player uses industrial-grade LCD screens. The motherboard and power supply are all high-safety devices, in specific occasions They are all started for 18 hours or even 24 hours. In modern business society, time is used to calculate money, and the stability of commodities directly determines the size of income. Fourth: System composition: The advertising player system is the latest Android system/Windows system, diverse application programs, simple operation, with functions such as timer switch, urgent interruption, setting of remarks, and simultaneous playback, and supports video/image/text rollover Subtitle/split screen and full-screen playback (video/image), the text setting interface can select font size or various colors of the background, according to the actual situation, it can freely distinguish many different categories of images and roll subtitles, and the video area can be customized Select and broadcast, support text and image rollover display, support broadcast template customization, etc. In addition, the advertising player supports a variety of format decoding, built-in storage device, after sent files to the storage device, it can be automatically broadcast, and it can also set up some broadcasts through the network. These are unmatched by TVs. Fifth: The frame material and appearance are different. As everyone knows, TVs usually use plastic casings, which are only suitable for products that are useful in normal days; and marvel lcd wall display, the casings are mostly non-metal casings, aluminum profiles, and non-incineration materials. When exposed to open flames, they only deform without supporting combustion, so in public places Greatly increase safety; Finally: The brightness is different. Because wall mount lcd display usually appear in open areas and have better lighting, it is difficult to meet the needs of the brightness of home TVs and civilian displays. Therefore, highlighting is also a major feature of LCD wall mounted advertising display.

Nowadays, you can find lcd wall mount display as below address easily: public places: subways, airports, bookstores, parks, exhibition halls, stadiums, museums, convention centers, ticket sales agents, fixed talent markets, lottery centers, etc.; Entertainment and leisure: cinemas, fitness centers, resorts, clubs, foot bath rooms, bars, Internet cafes, beauty salons, golf courses, etc.; Financial institutions: banks, securities, funds, insurance companies, pawn shops, etc.; Commercial institutions: large shopping malls, franchise stores, hypermarkets, specialty stores, star hotels, restaurants, travel agencies, pharmacies, etc.; Public utilities: hospitals, schools, telecommunications, post offices, etc.; Real estate: apartments, villas, office buildings, commercial buildings, model houses, sales offices, etc.

Marvel Interactive touch screen wall mount supply humanized solutions, brings great visual impact and impression to customers, which can greatly enhance the user’s experience and bring purchase desire.

ISO Certification for Furniture

As we know the manufacture of furniture, as distinct from its method, is a major mass-production business in India. Also, It is very primarily a 20th-century enterprise, its growth having awaited the growth of a mass consumer market as well as the growth of the mass-production procedure. In this article we will talk with ISO Certification for furniture.
ISO 9001 Certification – Quality Management System

ISO 9001 Certification is a globally comprehended standard to stipulate requirements for Quality Management System in all businesses. It provides Customer Satisfaction, Leadership quality and Also contain Growth, Evidence-based Decision Making and Relationship Management, integrity, and enhance the wood and wooden industry.

ISO 21001 Certification – Furniture

ISO 21001 is an international standard established by the International Organization for Standardization which renders administration tools for Non-Profit organisations. Also, it intends for to provide decent wooden materials with any requirements and needs.

Advantages of ISO 9001 -Furniture

By attaining ISO 21001 certified, you will be capable to:

* Enhance your woods and wooden materials

* Enhance the reputation of your business

* Enable equal reliefs for all businesses despite their religious background, ethnic or cultural origin, gender, ability/disability

* Furnish personalized training to manufactures and vendors

* Enable perfection and innovation

Processes of ISO Certification

There are numerous functions of ISO Certifications-

Set of Standards

ISO is a set of various standards that ensures the Quality Management System of the organization founded on the procedure model.

Consumer Satisfaction

ISO priority on attaining customer satisfaction for any general product or service.

Assure Quality

A certified quality management system ascertains entity responsibility to quality product and/or services and consumer satisfaction.

Fulfill Tender Eligibility

ISO certification an important requirement before enduring business with a new vendor & eligibility to arrive at common markets.

ISO Certification for Furniture

Important Decisions Before Entering Network Marketing Plans

Consider the Products:Most companies that market their products through distributors have quality competitive prices. On the other hand some companies are way overpriced have questionable values and are absolutely unsafe.Practically every service or product that can be sold through multilevel marketing, which includes health, beauty, fitness and other products that aren’t available on store shelves. Requires you to be very skeptical before buying or selling their products that are advertised as super ingredients or have guaranteed results. Most of these quick fix solutions are unproven, and marketed fraudulently because they are basically useless. In many cases they could be very dangerous. You should always check with professionals before using any of them-or selling them.If you decide to join a program and promote the products, you must be sure that the network marketing information is truthful and that there’s good evidence to back up the claims You are making. This means that before using any claims and repeating what the company has said about a product verify that there’s competent and reliable research to back up their claims.Learn More about the Company:Study and research the company’s track record conduct a progressive Internet search with the name of the company using keywords like review, scam, or complaint. Scan several pages of search results. Also research the company in newspapers magazines and other areas.It’s extremely important to find out:• Has the Company Been Sued for Deceptive Practices• Do They Have a Positive Reputation for Customer Satisfaction• How Long Has the Company Been Active• What’s the Word on the Street about the Company’s Product on Blogs and WebsitesSearch for information with the state attorney general’s office for complaints about any company you are considering even though a lack of complaints doesn’t always guarantee that a company is legitimate.Evaluate the Plan:Never sign a contract or pay for anything at an “opportunity meeting”. Consider your options take time think about your decision remember real money is involved in your investment, so don’t rush into it without doing some research first. Don’t feel pressured!Go to the person that is sponsoring you in that network marketing business and ask about the terms and conditions of the plan, which include:1. Future Costs2. How the Compensation Is Structured3. Evidence for the Statements about How Much Money You Can Make4. Precise Name and Contact Information of Company Representatives Able to Answer All Your QuestionsMake sure you get everything in writing. Never join any program where the reward for recruiting new people is more than that for selling the product. The latter is a tip off to a pyramid scheme! Not a true network marketing company.Always remember that when you recruit new distributors to your marketing organization, you are responsible for the claims you make about how much money they can earn. Always be realistic and honest. Because of your promises fall through, you will be held liable. This is the case even if you are repeating claims you read in a company brochure or heard them from another distributor.If something is unclear, always ask for more information until it is crystal clear to you. The network marketing information from your sponsor and other distributors in the organization should answer all of your questions. Your sponsor and others above your sponsor’s level make money if you join the program. So it’s imperative that you take your time resist the pressure to join. Never rely on hearsay references about payments from the company or distributors that pretend they were successfully earning money through the network marketing plan.Research Refund Policies:Make sure any refund policy is in writing, includes information about returning unused products, restrictions and penalties. You might think you’re minimizing your risk if you can return a product but some policies differ on whether you’ll get a full refund and how long it might take. Some network marketing companies require that you buy network marketing information on training or marketing materials possibly asking you to pay for seminars in order to get discounts or to create your own network distributors. Ask other distributors how much time and money they have spent on their training, network marketing materials, and seminars on network marketing information when they joined. Ask whether you are required to participate in periodic training programs and what happens if you decide not to.Have a Close Friend or Legal Advisor Review the Network Materials:It would be very beneficial to consult with an accountant, a lawyer, or someone else you trust who is not affiliated with the marketing plan and review the terms and compensation. Ask them to determine whether the claims backup the information in the marketing company and the amount of money you can make, then scrutinize the information you receive.Consider If This Is the Kind of Work That Suits Your Talents and Goals:Think about would you enjoy selling products to the public face to face. Consider how many hours others like your sponsor and other distributors spend after they joined and how much time they spend now. It’s important to think about no matter how good the product is and how solid the plan you need to invest sweat equity and money for your network marketing to pay off. Always evaluate the demands of the business like training, recruiting new distributors, managing the paperwork, tracking inventory, and the shipping process.Don’t Be Shy:Question your sponsor and other distributors, dig for details. Never consider it intrusive or nosy! Remember you’re on a mission to check out the potential business that will require your money and your time.The information they give you will help you determine false claims about the amount of money you make and whether the business is a pyramid scheme or not.Important Questions That You Need to Ask:• What will be your annual sales of the product?• How much of the product you need to sell to distributors?• What’s the percentage of sales to distributors?• Last year what was your expenses, and money you spent on training and buying the products?• What was your income last year including bonuses minus your expenses?• How many hours did you dedicate to the business last year?• How many people have you recruited?• And what percentage of your earnings came from recruiting other distributors and what percentage came from selling inventory?It’s extremely important to have a complete picture of how the network marketing plan works. You need to know how much money distributors make, how much time and money they spend on the plan, and how long it takes before you break even and start making money you need to know how big of a down line do I need to make money. A clear sign of a pyramid scheme is distributors selling more product to other distributors than to the public or if they make money from recruiting and not from selling!

Get These Great Tips For Learning Digital Photography

Learning digital photography may not need a course or a photography school. It requires love for photography or dedication. It is not as difficult as sending a spaceship from NASA.If you are planning to increase your income through photography there are many media sources where you can learn photography from. In fact, your camcorder’s booklet may give you tips on using their featured product efficiently. If you are impatient to go through the kit just approach anyone who uses it efficiently, especially if you belly dance in seats to listen to a tutorial or read a technical material! Get a friendly help.Practice the basics of how to access the images you have taken, on how they get saved. How to open it and locate it in your digital camera, how to delete, how to change the light settings, operate between night modes, light modes etc, tune your recorder voice quality, how to insert graphics and all the basics; spend sometime going through the kit that is provided with the digital camera. After all you have paid for that technical hand book too. At least go through it once in your life time, you may not need it after you have gone through it. That miniature sheet of printed material has got all the basic foundation to begin with digital photography. Use that technical guide religiously until you get used to the keys.Pin out a schedule to shoot images, create a portfolio with the images you shoot. Keep your budget tight. Do not get too enthusiastic to spend all your money traveling to magnificent sites to deliver your wallet pregnancy. Wait until you get used to the basics to go that far. Start with shooting the nearest image, your neighbor’s lawn, the morning sky, the twilight dawn, a passerby automobile, anything in and around your immediate scene.start with easily available models.Well there are no digital photography concepts or images that do not require a staging on to your PC or your LCD or your basic television monitor. Learn to use those cables, USB or whatever to upload and download your files. It is after this at all that you can make some minute edits or graphics according to your taste!The important requisite in digital photography is creativity, admiration and passion for colors, passion for events, and time sense. If you do want to take the rising sun make your plans to meet it rather than lying in your cot over time. Decide on events and pre-adjust your camera settings according to your snapshot requirement.There are so many things which are to be noticed in a single image. The love for photography by itself will lead you to explore the various media articles in the internet, e-book, tutorial etcetera. Exploration and dedication is the only tool that can make you an excellent digital photographer.

The Top Four Benefits of Project Management Training

In today’s hectic business world, it’s essential that people have all the coordinated tools necessary to tackle all the tasks needed to overcome obstacles and rise to meet various challenges. The trouble with project management is, not all personnel are trained in how to be effective leaders of special tasks before being placed in such a position. The end result can be that individuals wind up in charge of teams they can’t properly command, thereby creating a situation that is likely to fall short of expectations.
The solution in these instances is to retain individuals with proper training and education in how to lead projects. It’s also wise to offer educational opportunities within workforce that make for better learning options for business personnel. This way, even if companies have a person in mind that should lead a team but lacks the right essential skills, it’s optional for organizations to offer these people the correct insight and experience before getting them involved in special assignments.
There are a number of skills a project manager needs to possess. Not all workers are inherently capable of handling these tasks or have the faculties necessary to properly control a team. The solution is to focus on what talents are necessary for any worker to become a better leader. With the help of appropriate training and skills, it’s easy for individuals to rise to the challenge and overcome leadership issues that could cause problems in the overall completion of vital tasks.
Significant benefits can be earned by giving project managers proper training. Learning the pros could help companies understand how they need to invest.
1.) Obtaining management skills
One of the biggest things that project management training offers is the opportunity to learn about how to be the best kind of leader. Project Accelerator Online’s Paul Naybour wrote that a recent study showed almost two-thirds of people who received professional training agreed that the experience helped them understand the rigors and intricacies of leading a team better than simply being given the task and the people with which to try and accomplish goals. By working on the positive aspects of oversight in the business environment and helping people gain better control, they can more easily provide quality service and assistance to everyone on the team in the momentum of accomplishing essential enterprise tasks.
2.) Learning to communicate
As Jon Vespremi of Muncie Voice stated, one of the biggest skills a project manager needs to possess is the ability to communicate clearly and effectively with staff members. Not everyone is inherently proficient at public speaking or writing professional memos. When leaders are good communicators, they can encourage personnel and motivate them more effectively, getting satisfactory results and accomplishing more with fewer resources. What’s more, the nature of information passed from project managers to team members is often complex in nature. It’s therefore necessary that those in charge have the ability to break down these concepts into pieces the whole group can understand, thereby providing assistance to anyone who needs it as problems arise.
3.) Financial management training
Staff members don’t have an inherent grasp of how corporate finances work. They must be instructed on what type of budget they have, how to allocate funds, what processes are needed to generate income and where to go if they need more money. Frank Myeroff of Healthcare Informatics said that one of the most important aspects of a project manager is the ability to understand business finance and make appropriate moves to accommodate corporate budget proposals. Special assignments are often assigned their own stipends, so it’s vital that leaders understand how much money they have and how to properly use it.
4.) Becoming a better leader
It’s not a given that people will be great leaders. While an employee may perform at exemplary levels when working alone, putting this person in charge of a team could spell disaster. Project management training helps companies determine if a person is a good fit as a leader, and it gives the individual a chance to learn more about moving into new parts of the corporation.

Creating Positive Incentives for Project Management Oversight

There are a number of ways that project managers can ensure that their staffs are always staying in tune with what their leaders want. If these kinds of motivators are absent from the project management lifecycle, it’s possible that personnel won’t be as interested in keeping up with schedules or generating their best performances.
The nature of superior project management oversight comes from being able to provide the right kinds of motivation. These incentives make staff members feel positive about their contributions and spurs additional effort in the future. It’s important that leaders are always checking in on what their employees want so that bonuses are in tune with what workers desire. This ensures that staff continues to feel appreciated and engaged with their job experiences.
Not all incentives are created equal, though. It’s impossible to generate a single bonus incentive that all employees will like, but there are various types of rewards that personnel are more likely to enjoy. Here are some of the best tips and tricks for generating superior performances in all project management environments.
Targeting the right outcomes
Incentives in the project management sphere must target specific outcomes and goals. It makes little difference in the grand lifecycle scheme if a reward is only offered at the end of a project, as people will lose sight of the final incentive if there’s nothing to keep them going in the meantime. What’s more, it’s vital that these bonuses are effectively communicated to staff members, or else people won’t know rewards exist, thereby reducing the effectiveness of these incentives.
Clark Atwood of Channel Partners Online stated that it’s vital for open communication to exist in an incentive landscape. There’s not enough reporting in the modern corporate environment that encourages ongoing motivation among team members. This encourages additional return on investment and ongoing intelligence in the enterprise sphere that helps organizations determine the effectiveness of individual awards.
Think about the long-term
Too many companies get sidetracked thinking about how to make things better right now. However, this reduces foresight of organizations and discourages ongoing growth of the entire enterprise. That’s why it’s always better to try and look for trends that can be carried over to the long term, rather than project management programs that only contemplate current issues.
Looking to the future is the primary motivation behind the best funding and engagement strategies in the enterprise realm. Andres Cardenal wrote for Daily Finance that the leading businesses in the growth sector are those that are constantly finding ways to appreciate and improve their target strategies. Looking for things that may help right now but offer future payoffs that are more substantial can help increase the effectiveness of project management lifecycle.
Some organizations have already found significantly superior outcomes from focusing on what they can achieve through ongoing motivation. Providing intermediate awards to all staff members can help companies keep staff on track until they reach desired long-term outcomes.
Providing desired options
Not every motivational option will be received well by employees, even those that may serve them the best. It’s important for businesses to find the perfect balance between what personnel want and what can help enhance corporate performance. Sometimes this may take on the guise of remote work opportunities, enterprise connectivity utilities or even handheld or new kinds of technology. The important thing is for businesses to verify that their employees actually want these incentives.
According to The Hill, not all young people are receptive to health care incentives, something that businesses might otherwise find very appealing. The source indicated a study by the American Action Forum showed that voluntary enrollment in ObamaCare, the federal health care insurance option was not receiving as much adoption and endorsement from young people as the AAF had anticipated.
This could indicate that project managers may want to target alternative incentives that can entice employees and generate better performances outside the traditional wellness realm. The study from the AAF showed that almost 90 percent of younger Americans found it more affordable to skip the federal health insurance option. That means organizations may benefit from offering more reasonably priced resources themselves to all of their staff.

Commercial Real Estate Sales and Leasing As a Career Change

In every property market around the world there is an abundance of residential real estate. It’s not hard to understand how to sell residential property given that we all live in houses and know the local area in which we live.On that foundation you have lots of real estate agents selling and renting residential property in all markets and locations. The same agents however are not always as skillful when it comes to commercial property sales and leasing. Here is why.The commercial real estate agent has to have a sound knowledge and skill base in things such as these:

Property performance and analysis
Return on investment, capitalisation, summation, and comparable price analysis methods
Rental types used in the current market for different commercial properties
Lease types and terms used in different lease situations
Marketing methods for investment property
Income generation from properties of all types
Expenditure controls and benchmarks from property
Tenant mix strategies together with anchor tenant opportunities
Lease documentation and strategies in different property types
Vacancy analysis and minimisation as part of property performance
Supply and demand for commercial property and space
Tenant movement and placement
Business sentiment in the local area
Services and amenities required by tenants in the current market
Comparable prices and rents with local properties sold or leased over the last 5 years
Landlord investment requirements and strategies that can solve them
Time on market for selling or leasing commercial property currentlyTo start a career in commercial property from a base of residential property experience, there is a reasonable amount of study required in the local market, and with the types of property that changes hands. The information is available from convenient sources such as the local existing property listings, existing agents in the region, internet, and property owners.Importantly the reason a property owner will use a particular agent to market a commercial property for sale or for lease, centres on knowledge of the local market, market share, and experience in handling the property. If you as a real estate agent are considering changing or expanding from residential real estate property sales, then the opportunity awaits.A career change to commercial property will take some time but the rewards are many. Choose to be the best in the market and build your skills towards that.

A New Era Of Electric Vehicle Market In The Coming Years

The electric vehicle market collectively accounted for 1043k units in 2016 and is anticipated to incline to 285188K units by 2030. The governments of various countries are very focused on pushing up EV sales to reduce the pollution level and thereby the global warming. With manufacturers rolling out new models and charging infrastructure picking up speed. The market is anticipated to witness immense growth during the forecast period.
In the Report “Electric Vehicle Market: By Types (BEV, HEV, PHEV); By Modules (Body & Chassis, Powertrain, Infotainment, Safety & Security); By Geography (Americas, Europe, Asia Pacific, RoW) – Forecast (2018 to 2023)”, published by IndustryARC, the market will be driven by development and advanced batteries in the coming decades.

Electrification is the most viable way to achieve clean and efficient transportation that is crucial to the sustainable development of the whole world. The present division of year says, the electric vehicle technology including hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs), plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs), and pure battery electric vehicles (BEVs) will dominate the clean vehicle market.

Asia-Pacific Dominates with Major Growth in the Electric Vehicle Market

Geographically, the Electric vehicle market is present in regions of North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and rest of the world. The new plea of cars has increased by 70% from 2016. In 2016, over 550,000 vehicles were adopted globally which include both battery electric vehicle and plug-in hybrid vehicle. Research say China is expected to extend its industry leadership by making gains across all dimensions of the supply side EVs, including current projected production of EVs and their components. Overall, Germany and United States of America also perform well in the industry, with number of major changes in EV production. These countries saw slight fall of market, due to electric motor production because of China’s expansion.

Sales Analysis Done in Full Report:

The higher capacity batteries sales has increased. It is noticed that direct re-use is always cheaper than batteries under similar productivity environment. The PHEV is mapping towards sale and expected to come up with best price deal. The pricing concept gives you an idea about the estimation price of the present market, as the advancement in electric motor transmission batteries are under major development. The expansion and product launch will elucidate establishment cost and electric automobiles to sustain for longer period of time.

Selected Type and Application Analysis Done in the Full Report:

The uptake of EVs is the result of several factors, including strong technological progress, cost reductions and policy support, including purchase incentives, driving and parking access advantages, and increased public charging infrastructure availability. The BEVs dominated the sales over the hybrid cars in most countries until 2015. But, the plug-in vehicle (PHEV) sales have grown rapidly in the past two years and as of now the PHEVs market is nearly equal to BEV sales worldwide. PHEVs have a considerable range of advantages due to its ongoing battery performance improvements and making feasible in cost reduction driving to achieve maximum share in the marketplace.

Excerpts on Market Growth Factors

After the diesel emission scandal, in the city of California,$44 million investment was made by Electrify America to bring hundreds of electric vehicles to the city. The project includes 260 electric vehicles. The vehicles can locate nearby cars with an app and drive them anywhere within a 13 square mile radius. The vehicles will be available in early 2019.
ISRO announced to start its major project on lithium-ion cell technology to bring the adoption of non-exclusive basis for usage in automobiles. This initiative will accelerate the development of indigenous electric vehicle industry.
The growing adoption of electric cars is creating new opportunity for Volkswagen. It says that quantum computing technology could help to build customized batteries, with a chemical blueprint that will speed up development and production of electric vehicles batteries. This will build a specialized and customized car battery for future green cars.

To access / purchase the full report browse the link below


Key players of the Electric Vehicle Market

At present, progress is the key strategy that drives the market, accounting for around 44% of total strategies adopted by key players. The major players profiled in this report include Tesla, BMW Group, Nissan Motor Corporation, Toyota Motor Corporation, Volkswagen AG, General Motors, Dailmer AG, and Energica Motor Company S.P.A. These are the leading market players focusing to expand their business operations in emerging countries. Among all the continents APAC is the emerging region where investors are more focusing on to introduce innovative solutions. Some of the well footholds EVs Cars in the present market are Tesla Model S, Nissan Leaf, BMW i3, Mitsubishi iMiEV, Ford Focus EV; these are BEV available models. BMW i3 REX, BMW i8, Cadillac ELR, Ford Fusion Energi, Ford Cmax Energi, Toyota Prius Plugin and others are the PHEV available type models. Audi Q5 Hybris, Acura ILX hybrid, Cadillac escalade Hybris, BMW Active Hybrid 3 and other are HEV available type models.

Browse full report:


What can you expect from the report?
The Electric Vehicle Market Report is prepared with the main agenda to cover the following 20 points:

1. Market Size by Product Categories & Application 11. Demand Analysis (Revenue & Volume)
2. Market trends & Relevant Market Data 12. Country level Analysis
3. Manufacturer Landscape 13. Competitor Analysis
4. Distributor Landscape 14. Market Shares Analysis
5. Pricing Analysis 15. Value Chain Analysis
6. Top 10 End user Analysis 16. Supply Chain Analysis
7. Product Benchmarking 17. Strategic Analysis
8. Product Developments 18. Current & Future Market Landscape Analysis
9. Mergers & Acquisition Analysis 19. Opportunity Analysis
10. Patent Analysis 20. Revenue and Volume Analysis

Worker Shortage Might Be Excellent News For The Economy

A worker shortage might be excellent news for the economy! Maybe, just maybe, firms will awake and see workers’ substantial contribution to their success. Some CEOs take unconscionable sums and destroy their firm’s value, unlike many frontline workers who create value. During the pandemic, CEOs took vast sums as they laid-off workers. Some firms sought bankruptcy protection, but hat didn’t stop their greedy CEOs from snatching hefty bonuses.

We have a worker shortage and firms are scrambling to hire whomever is willing. Some firms, like McDonalds have paid signing bonuses. Canada’s Loblaw and its competitors paid a bonus to frontline workers when the pandemic began. They stopped it after three months in unison with their competitors. When government confronted them about this collusion, they claimed it happened independently. Go figure! It’s like you caught your three-year-old with her hand in the cookie jar and she said, Mom, “Cookie Monster did it!”

Worker Shortage Inevitable With Shoddy Treatment

Loblaw’s behavior disturbs me. During the bonus period, profits soared. Per se, that’s no problem. I favor firms making profits. To be sure, I am against government taxing profits. But paying workers the bonus during the pandemic shouldn’t hinge on profits. It was just right. Meanwhile, my wife and I shopped at a Loblaw store and workers continued their excellent service despite Loblaw’s slight.

Leaders must realize frontline workers are the firm’s foundation and treat them well, not as cogs turning out CEOs bonuses! When employers treat workers like machines, they disengage. Gallup said, over several decades, they and other researchers found a strong link between employees’ workplace engagement and the company’s overall performance. Yet employers refuse to accept this. But there is good news: surveys show some firms break the mold and treat workers with respect: Cisco, Apple, Accenture, IBM, FedEx are a few.

Next Quarter’s Earnings Drives Businesses

Companies see next quarter as the prize, so they exploit workers and fudge next quarter’s numbers. I repeat: I am against government taxing business. However, I favor the Biden Build Back Better provision to tax share buybacks that the House passed, and it is before the Senate, even if it might have only a modest effect on share buybacks. Companies shouldn’t be spending billions buying back shares while exploiting workers.

Firms should present to shareholder meetings options to use buyback funds. Choices might include effects of paying bonuses to frontline workers with buyback funds. Shareholders should hear about potential strategic investments, too. Another option is stopping buy-backs for five years after layoffs. Executives, too, shouldn’t get bonuses within five years of layoffs. We must get rid of worker exploitation that enhances CEO bonuses.

The Business Roundtable Stakeholder Capitalism Disappeared

The Business Round Table (BRT) had a revelation in 2019 and decided maximizing shareholder value is not a corporation’s sole purpose. That metrics from the 1980s is wrong, it said. I wrote then that the BRT “… came up with lovely platitudes about looking after stakeholders and quickly ditched it and returned to their greedy practices… ” They continued to move away from those bromides during the pandemic.

Let the worker shortage continue! It might be the force to rid firms of myopic, greedy incompetent CEOs. To be sure, the scarcity will cause disruptions in supply chains and elsewhere, but workers’ creativity, if allowed, will solve these challenges. Here is the million dollar question: Will enough firms decide to scrap the quarterly rat race and concentrate on building robust businesses for the long-term?

Michel A. Bell is author of six books including Business Simplified, speaker, adjunct professor of business administration at Briercrest College and Seminary, and founder and president of Managing God’s Money, a mission devoted to providing free Christian financial and biblical stewardship advice.