Social Media Employment, Work Has a Whole New Meaning!

In light of the high rate of under-employment, down-sizing and temporary lay-offs; people are searching for ways to remedy their cash flow problems. Employment seekers are finding alternative ways to make an income these days and managing a company’s social marketing is gaining in popularity.One such niche that has surfaced in the last few years is “social media employment”.You may have heard of it as “social media management” but whatever you want to call it, social media employment is providing job-hungry people and entrepreneurs alike, a profitable home based business due to the need for companies to stay competitive on the internet.Social Networking Sites are on the RiseThe amount of social networking platforms, it seems, is growing by the minute. Google+ is the latest to date and companies big and small are seeking how they can promote their brand from popular social media sites.With roughly 800,000,000 users, Facebook gets larger by the day and has changed the way people communicate and connect with one another.For some people it has replaced email and even making phone calls – particularly to friends on other continents. Facebook recently modified its format and it has greater potential for being an effective marketing platform.A company can start things rolling by designing a Facebook fan page and driving traffic to it to get Comments, Likes and Shares. Needless to say, a business can market its products and services very effectively utilizing the social network platforms.An effective marketing strategy and irresistible brand will produce thousands of comments and naturally, with these social network interactions, it’s a tremendous amount of work for even the big companies.Out-Sourcing Social Media ManagementBusinesses, from “mom & pop” stores to the big corporations, have turned to out-sourcing the daily tasks of tweeting, commenting, posting, blogging and even uploading YouTube videos to employed and independent social media managers.Often the only job requirement is being well versed in the social networking platforms, possessing good writing skills and being an effective communicator.Companies are employing people as well as contracting with home based entrepreneurs to keep the conversation going on the social sites because they want “fans”, “likes”, and “tweets” to build a loyal following.Other duties associated with social media employment would be to engage people in conversation about a particular company and their product, as well as monitoring dissatisfied consumer’s comments and sending out special promotional offers.Social network manager positions pay a going rate of $25-$35 per hour and a rookie can expect to make around $40,000 a year working from home.Social Networking is the FutureSocial media is on its way to becoming the primary means for companies to market products and services to their prospective customers. In light of that, companies are rushing to have a presence on the internet and opening more opportunities for social media employment.

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